ATO 10 22

The ATO 10 22 portable bearing press. It is manufactured here in the united states to aerospace standards. The unit consists of the main press body and a hydraulic pump. It requires no additional work aids for installation. Also included is a pelican hard case so you can keep your investment protected.

An intricate machined surface is designed to push the rubber as well as the bearing race. This is our approach to working smarter which requires less brute force which in turn reduces potential damage.  This work aid will reduce man hours and the use of modified wood blocks, mallets or threaded work aids that either have no place on your equipment or are frustrating to use.

Click below to view a 90-second video showing the work aid in use.

TT ATO 10 22


AS350 landing gear strut fixture

FixtureThis is a handy bench mounted test/service fixture for the as350 landing gear struts. The included leverage arm is used for compressing and extending struts easily as well as performing the test procedure . Included are tig welded steel test stand, leverage arm and spring scale with calibration certifications.

Price $885.00

Horizontal stabilizer alignment bushings

Alignment bushingsThese handy alignment bushings will aid in the assembly of the Horizontal stabilizer on eurocopter models. Machined from 17-4 stainless steel and in the shape of a drift punch to guide bolt through the stack of sheet metal, shims and brackets with ease. Thread bullet on end of bolt, push bolt through the assembly , remove bullet and install appropriate hardware and your done! A hand addition to every eurocopter mechanics tool box.

Made in the USA.
TTAerospace is not affiliated with Eurocopter.


Bellcrank Service Bushings

Bellcrank BushingsThese bushings are used for the Bellcrank service bulletin and are machined to very close tolerances. They are made per the material call out and supplied with a copy of the material certs. Bushings are plus .001 on O.D. For adequate press fit and .001 undersize on I.D. For final reaming to size. Price is $55.00 each. 10 or more will be a 10% discount.


Engine Stand (ET0)

This work aid will support the front end of the Ariel 1D1 and 2B1 engines during the separation of the gimble from the engine for the 500 hour inspection, as well as the air conditioning and hydraulic belt replacement.