Quality Tooling, Quality Design

TT Aerospace is a tooling and prototype shop focusing mainly on the Eurocopter AS-350 and EC-130 line of helicopters. We build quality tooling that will make your maintenance facility more productive and precise, and mitigates the risk of damage to expensive flight hardware from previous methods. All of our tools are tested and proven in a local repair facility operating 25 helicopters. Before our tools are put into production, they are first reviewed, modified, re-tested and proven by maintenance professionals that know what works and how to best get the job done.

Please check back frequently as we will be adding 14 tools to the current inventory. What is currently shown is what we have proven, produced and have in stock ready to ship to you today.

Featured Tool ATO 10 22

The ATO 10 22 portable bearing press. It is manufactured here in the united states to aerospace standards. The unit consists of the main press body and a hydraulic pump. It requires no additional tools for installation. Also included is a pelican hard case so you can keep your investment protected.

An intricate machined surface is designed to push the rubber as well as the bearing race. This is our approach to working smarter which requires less brute force which in turn reduces potential damage.This tool will reduce man hours and the use of modified wood blocks, mallets or threaded tools that either have no place on your equipment or are frustrating to use.

Click below to view a 90-second video showing the tool in use.

TT ATO 10 22